Natural Relief for ITCH & PAIN  (In construction 4/2012)

Natural itch remedy made from herbs provides relief for most skin conditions.
Natural Pain Relief from a combination of four powerful herbs.
Organic Ear Candling Cones, 
 Organic herbal 
teas that help reduce the desire to smoke and relieve coughing.

Made from herbs considered to be the panacea of medicine. *


                                                                                            "I've tried EVERYTHING! And nothing worked, until I tried your product.  Thank you!"

                                                        NEED SOMETHING  REALLY SPECIAL FOR SOMEONE?

Give the gift of natural relief from itching and pain, both of which are the main cause of loss of sleep.  Loss of sleep is the main cause of car accidents and missed work. 

(Maybe the second one isn't so bad, but you'd have to tell a fib after and then just enjoy the day off.)      

Just what is Mother's Nature's Remedies?   

It's an herbal ointment, balm, based product that naturally relieves itching and skin inflammation from most causes, including rashes, insect/spider bites, eczema, psoriasis, acne, hemorrhoids, jock itch, athlete's foot including toe fungus, dry cracked, (chainsaw feet or hands), even paper cuts and more. 

What else does it do?

It may well be the best ointment for natural healing of the skin you've ever used.  It's a wonderful skin moisturizer that promotes naturally healthy skin while rehydrating it.  It helps get rid of acne and wrinkles!  There are no known allergic reactions to plantago, at least not yet.  Always test a small area first, like the bend of your arm.

How can I buy it?    Go to 

Where does it come from?  

It's a plant, known as Plantago Major.  Centuries ago, this European herb was one of nine sacred herbs used by the ancient Saxon's to cure over 200 ailments.  Some refer to it as "Plantain" but I try not to because makes people think of the banana like thing people eat.  What did it do for me?  Using the Plantago Major, it healed my foot and three toes from a brown recluse spider bite that had progressed to gangrene.  That is when I knew others needed to know about this amazing herb!  


Lips 2 Sigh 4 - All natural, fast soothing relief for sore chapped sunburned lips or cracked lips. Also great to use on your cuticles!  

Achey Neck or Joints?  Try the Natural Pain Relief - It too is herbal and based on four ancient sacred herbs known for their ability to relieve pain at some very impressive levels.  I couldn't swear to you exactly how it works but it seems to calm the nerves that cause the pain in the area that hurts.  So that caused a name change.  

EAR CANDLING - When nothing else has worked for cleaning your ears and reducing pressure in them, try using organic ear cones.  You will be amazed at the amount of wax and relief you will get from cleaning your ears.  Please be sure to research how to do ear candling before attempting.  A set goes for $ 

Want to read more about Plantago? 

Try and .  Or click on "My Story" to read how I learned about it and how to use it.  If you enjoy herbs and spices but would like to buy larger amounts, try . They sell in large and small bulk amounts.  Their prices are good and they ship fast.  Their real name?  The Monterey Bay Spice Company.  Be sure to order their catalog, you'll love it! 

* The funny thing about plantago major is that is considered an invasive weed in most areas.  If they only knew! 

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 Such a miserable physical ailment!  I am honored to have been mentioned on Psoriasis.Org as having a product that has been providing relief for this condition. 


I WILL NOT give, share, rent, sell, your email address to ANYONE.  I promise. 



FDA statement: "Herbal remedies have not been scientifically proven to heal or cure anything."  Reactions are possible to them just as to any other product.  At present there are no known precautions regarding Plantain.  With any new product always watch for reactions, especially the good ones, like plantain seems to cause.


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