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  These have been edited for length and in some cases, privacy.




Lois 93 ...My legs looked almost scaly and now they are smooth as silk.                 


Maria 35 ...  My 6 years old son's rash on his hands and mouth was gone in 3 days!    


Meri  60. . . My rash had started to  bleed and Green Stuff got rid of it fast!         

Lin 59 ... My feet had cracks in them, big ones, not any more!   I love the stuff.  

Lots of men . . .I had a "very private" kind of itching.   Thank God not any more.  


Terry 39 ... My St. Bernard got a cut on  his chest and it healed fast! No Vet bill!    

Lots of people . . .Ashy skin, good bye,   it feels so good, smells good, and WORKS!       


Mattie 91 . . .After skin cancer surgery the incision didn't want to heal. I used Mother Nature At Work's products after my surgery and my surgeon said "I don't know what you are doing but don't stop."                                                  


Woody 67 ... I'm not sure about this one but here it is anyway.   I was told that my herbal pain ointment healed a staph infection that nothing else had touched.   I guess he got in while in the hospital a long time ago.   Whatever he had apparently it helped and that is good. 


Another happy customer no name .... I have one client whose husband has dialysis treatments 3 times  a week.  "The needles in his hands are bad enough but his hands never had time to heal before having to have the needles reinserted. The main result was that his hands itched terribly, so much he couldn't sleep.  The herbal itching ointment has stopped the itching and his hands are in much better condition.  As he said "I LOVE THE STUFF!"


Andy ?40 . . .I had a rash from a Latex boot I had to wear when I injured my ankle that nothing had helped.  The itching was driving me crazy.  Greenstuff stopped the itch immediately and the skin is healing now. It also helped my dog with his "hot spots" and itching.


Bob L.  . . . posted on The Insider Pages Review for Las Vegas.  I had an insect bite of unknown orgin on my finger. It was swollen and itching something incredible.  In two days there was no sign of the bites.

Richard . . . . I had severe shoulder pain that kept me awake at night.  I was 3 days from surgery when I tried PainStuff.  I slept all night long all 3 nights, for the first time since I could remember. 

Lips 2 Sigh 4 is great for my cuticles, I can't wait for your mother to come back and work the Holiday Boutique next year in La Marina Estates so I can get some more.  Long Beach, CA 2011 


I have more copies of testimonials with permission to use and will be happy to provide those interested.  


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FDA statement: "Herbal remedies have not been scientifically proven to heal or cure anything."  Reactions are possible to them just as to any other product.  At present there are no known precautions regarding Plantain.  With any new product always watch for reactions, especially the good ones, like plantain seems to cause.


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