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ITCH STUFF         4 oz.               $20.00

This is the first product I developed.  It relieves dry cracked skin, itching from many sources, including hives, stings, rashes, acne, eczema, hemorrhoids,  ashy skin, some say wrinkles, sunburn, bug and spider bites, jock itch, and the only thing I have ever used that relieves paper cut pain, and heaven only knows what else.   If it doesnít help you, you get your money back.  It is ugly, dark green, but it smells very nice, fresh and clean.  The scent is the plantain.  Men LOVE this for their hands.  Women love it for their feet.  It helps heal and moisturize.  Anybody with an itch, any where, will love it.

Ingredients:  Active: Plantain, Aloe,     Inactive:  Vitamin E, cosmetic grade petroleum base.


PAINSTUFF           4 oz.               $25.00 

Painstuff is a mix of 4 powerful herbs that individually are known to relieve pain from nerve damage, muscle sprains, arthritis, cramps, and more at a level usually associated to a narcotic, but no "buzz," euphoria or addiction.  It is rubbed on the area that hurts.  I don't know how it works.  Beats me.  It works for my Mom and for me. Active Ingredients: Mullein, Wild Lettuce, White Willow, Witch Hazel   Inactive: Cosmetic Grade Petro Base

Plantain Loose Leaf Tea    1 oz.    $8.00

Iíve researched many sites and the comments as to what Plantain tea can do is real close to unreal.  From weight loss, to a natural Viagra, to helping stop smoking.  I donít have a clue as to how to do any of that with plantain tea.  Sorry.  However, it does help a grouchy stomach, IBS, and it seems to have help allergies and sinus problems.

It is recommended that you drink 3 cups a day.  Hot or iced, either way is good,  just keep it a bit on the weak side.  Sweeten with anything you like or leave it plain.  Iíve read it helps the urinary tract regarding continence.   1 teaspoon of dried leaves will make a large pitcher of iced tea or several cups of hot.  You will need an infuser  or fine strainer.   Enjoy!

Ingredients:  100% double Certified Organic Dried Cut Plantain Leaves


Mullein Loose Leaf Tea      1 oz.    $8.00

Mullein tea has nothing to do with Plantain.  I am including it for you because it is such a beneficial herb.  I have chronic bronchitis and allergy triggered asthma, my Mom, 96,  usually has pneumonia every winter.  This past winter she did not have pneumonia and I didnít have bronchitis.  We both drank Mullein tea on the recommendation of a neighbor.  It seems to help with many breathing problems including asthma.  It may also help quiet ringing in your ears.  That just amazes me, mostly because it did for me before I realized why my head had gotten so quiet or figured out why.

Ingredients: 100% double Certified Organic Dried Cut Mullein  Leaves

Lips 2 Sigh 4     
Ear Candling Cones     4 sets of 2    $30.00

For wholesale prices please email me at
Linda@Greenstuff2.com or call 702-253-7247

Most people turn to Natural, Herbal Health or Old Fashioned remedies when traditional medicine has failed.  That is what I did. I had been  told repeatedly I had an ďautoimmuneĒ disease and a mystery allergy that just didnít respond to any treatment. It didnít to ďtraditionalĒ medication.  It did to herbal treatment.  I didn't try the "herbal way" until after the incident with the spiders.  I donít think we should abandon doctors, but with the combination of both worlds maybe we would be healthier.  I havenít been seen by a doctor for illness, other than once, in 8 years. (I only went to get my friends off my back!)

Seek your own answers, they are in books and online.  Be sure to get one that tells you what kind of herb, what it is used for, and how to use it. Or ask an Herbologist. (Try Herbally Grounded at www.Herballygrounded.com)  702-558-HERB.   The internet is wonderful, but I seem to prefer to sit and read with something in my hands and not on a screen.  Hang out where healthy people hang out.  Listen and learn. Or

"If you enjoy herbs and spices but would like to buy larger amounts, try www.herbco.com  they sell in large and small bulk amounts.  Their prices are good and they ship fast.  Their real name?  The Monterey Bay Spice Company.  Be sure to order their catalog, you'll love it!"

You may check my Health suggestions page for other herbs that may be beneficial to you.  I do not provide dosage amounts.  If you see an herb that you would like to try, call a Herbalist to find out how to use it.  I am continually amazed at the power herbs have.  There is no medical advise being given and the information provided is just that, information.  Be sure to satisfy yourself as to the effectiveness of any new treatment you embark on, herbs or traditional. See my 2-10 newsletter for some stats on prescriptions vs herbs and which has a huge death rate.  Do Not Mix Herbal Remedies with prescription drugs.  At least check with your Dr. or a herbalist.

 As with all herbal treatments, there is no scientific proof, according to the FDA that they work, but sometimes they do when nothing else has.  If it doesn't, I'll return your money.

I wish you a Wealth of Happiness and Herbal Health.



FDA statement: "Herbal remedies have not been scientifically proven to heal or cure anything."  Reactions are possible to them just as to any other product.  At present there are no known precautions regarding Plantain.  With any new product always watch for reactions, especially the good ones, like plantain seems to cause.


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