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What about me?

I never expected to be the "inventor," maybe developer is a better word, of a product(s) that have the incredible possibilities that my product has.   Sometimes blessings come in the most unexpected ways.  Who would have thought that getting bit by a bunch of Brown Recluse Spiders would have turned into something so beneficial for so many. I was fortunate beyond belief to have been told about the herb.  It saved at least 3 toes, if not a whole lot more. I think I was "blessed by misfortune."  One of my new customers, that I met while traveling, said that I had a "GOD SHOT."  I've never heard the phrase before but it sound good to me.

I started out in Oklahoma, in a small Indian town, but soon moved to California with my parents, where I grew up in Ventura.  My "adult" life was spent in Southern California.  I was married for over 35 years, and am happily "single" now.  I know "divorcee" is the proper word but some how it just doesn't fit me.  I much prefer single.

My Mom, recently passed, lived with me for many years.  She was a delight and we enjoy each others company.  We traveled well together in our "ugly" little car.  It's a Honda Element.  I'll never get used to looking at it, BUT it is one awesome car.  It's been from the Pacific to the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.  

I have two adult children that are wonderful.  That means they haven't asked or needed to "move back home."  We have the kind of relationship that I wish every family could have.  Of course we love each other, but most of all we "like" and enjoy each other.

We had a cat named Tisha.  She's a tuxedo "milk mouth."  We adopted her from a shelter where almost 800 cats had been abandoned in the desert. Most were near death from hunger and lack of water.  She was a survivor.  She picked me to be her new "mom." And she had to be one of the best kitty's on the earth.  She was funny beyond belief.  She found the "cursor" on my computer screen and loved to attack it as well as dogs that were barking on the television. Not long after my mother passed away, Tisha went with her.  I would use my herbal remedies on Tisha.  She had what I called a snaggletooth that would cut open her bottom lip.  It would help heal her ouchy. 

I collect sayings and create a few also.  I try to live by one of my own sayings  "never letting my yesterdays spoil my tomorrows."  

* You can't fix a thing that has already happened.  You can learn from it, but don't let it run or ruin any part of the rest of your life. That is my own personal favorite.  

* The other one is by Albert Einstein "There are two ways to live your life, one is as if nothing is a miracle and the other is as if everything is a miracle."  I definitely believe in "everything."

If you have a personal health question and feel herbs may help you, please email me. Linda@Greenstuff2.com  Any information I share with you should be checked out throughly with an herbologist.  If I can guide you toward herbal health I would be most happy too.  My knowledge is based on my own personal study and experience with herbs. 

ENJOY!   Everything.  Thanks for reading, my very best to you for health and life.




FDA statement: "Herbal remedies have not been scientifically proven to heal or cure anything."  Reactions are possible to them just as to any other product.  At present there are no known precautions regarding Plantain.  With any new product always watch for reactions, especially the good ones, like plantain seems to cause.


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