The information that follows is based ~ to a great deal ~ on tribal knowledge.  

 That means it comes from sources that pre-date computers, ink pens, pencils and even smoke signals.   Some of the recorded, told and retold stories, and folklore,  are over 2000 years old.   They are about herbs, that helped relieve, cure, comfort or do  something for a human or an animal.

Are they true and accurate?   Maybe.   Have they helped in modern history?   Yes.

Do Doctors and Pharmaceutical companies want you to believe these work?   NOPE

If they did, many of the herbs that were, in the beginning, the only medicines available wouldn't make it on what is called the "Quack List."   Herbal remedies simply are not profitable enough to drug companies and the FDA does not regulate "supplements."   That is a good thing as far as I am concerned.   And of course some use them without really checking out what  and how they should be used.   That can make you as sick as doing the same thing with a prescription medication.   Many perscribed medications are based on "synthetic" versions of herbs, especially asprin.   REAL aspirin is from willow bark and does not cause your stomach to bleed like synthetic asprin.     It's your choice.  I use herbs as much as possible to keep me healthy.


I am not saying herbs cure cancer any more than I would say that all cancer is curable using traditional medicine and treatments provided by doctors.   Sometimes things work and sometimes they don't.   Sometimes you just have to keep on "keeping on" (my incredible Native American Grandfather used to say "sometimes you just have to suck until you succeed." Can't believe he actually used to say that!)   until you find what works for you.   When all else, traditional medicine, has failed, many people turn to Alternative, I call it "NATURAL" medicine, frequently herbs. (I did.)   This is what I have found about herbs that relate to cancer.   Cancer is one of the sicknesses that "folk lore" has carried only a few messages about, but very powerful messages.   Please consult with a professional herbalist if you choose to try either of these herbs.   I have had several people use my "ItchStuff" on skin cancer and have told me that it provided a lot of relief from the rough  dryness and itching of the cancerous area.

When someone has been told to go home and get their "affairs" together they usually feel as if the world is ending.   At least they got an advance warning!   Some will go into depression, some will do what they have waited for most of their lifetime to do but never had the time.   And some will turn to alternative, natural, medicine and a healthier life style.   Some get books, go to herbalists, strange doctors in 3rd world "places."   Some will seek alternative, in this case, herbal medicines.   The two herbs I will tell you about are the most common ones used for cancer.  They are called "anti-cancer" herbs.  Your choice to use them is your own decision and you should search out the most reputable adviser you can find in this area.

CHAPARRAL   (larrea tridentata)

Also know as Creosote bush, Greasewood, Gobernodora or (by me burro bush).    

I call it burro bush mainly because that is what burros eat in the area where I live, the desert.   There is an abundance of the stuff here and they munch on it much as if it were offered at a fast food restaurant.   It looks like barbed wire bush and those familiar with my area often refer to it as "LGB's"   little gray bushes.   They aren't very big, maybe 2' x 2' feet at the very largest.   I have heard it is a distant relative of the rose bush, if so that is probably where the barbs come from.   But it has a long reputation for doing something incredible, reducing rapid cell growth, AKA tumors, cancer.   Native Americans have used it for hundreds of years.   Some other things it has been reported to have benefits for are:

1.     It acts against free radicals.   Results:   possibly reduces early aging and diseases associated with aging.

2.     Cleanses the lymph system.   Results:   Helps to rejuvenate the body.

3.     Works as an anti-inflammatory & non-toxic.   Inflammation is the root of most disease.

4.     Aids in dissolving tumors due to the chemical NDCA nordihydroquaiarethic acid.

5.     Has antioxidant properties, helps stop pain, and is antiseptic.

6.     Rebuilds tissues, aids in healing the urethral tract, blood, liver and kidneys.

7.     Some say it diminishes LSD residuals reducing flashbacks.   (Do people still use this stuff?)

These are a few of the things chaparral is recorded to have been used, with success, for.

Aches, allergies, arthritis, backaches, blood cleanser, purifier, boils, bowels, burises, bursitis, Cancer, colds, cramps, cuts, eczema, eyes, fibrositis, to promote hair growth, hay fever, kidneys, lungs, osteoarthiritis, pain, parasites, prostate, psoriasis, respiratory system, rheumatism, skin diseases, stomach problems, swelling, tumors, viral illnesses, warts, weight reduction and wounds.  

 RED CLOVER (Trifolium pratense)
     Also known as Purple Clover, Wild Clover, Trefoil, and Cow Grass

Honey bees love this stuff, it makes good honey. It also is a favorite grazing food for cattle. While the cows eat what is on top, the roots help to restore and rebuild the soil of fields over used.
It has been used for health purposes for many many years.  The Indians may not have known why it did what it did but scientists have figured out that it may be because it has the trace element Molybdenum that appears to be VERY important in helping our bodies function.  It helps remove wastes that are possibly tied to cancer when left in the body.  The US and Europe have used Red Clover for over 100 years to treat and prevent cancer.  It is sometimes used to ease arthritic pain because it helps remove uric acid, a cause of gout and other form of artritis.  It has nutritional effects that strengthen the body.  

Some things it has been reported to help with are: 
1.      Purifying the blood.

2.      Helps heal sores by bathing in a tea made from the leaves.

3.      Used as a cancer treatment along with Chaparra; and Dong quai.

4.      Nutritive supplement for most forms of degenerative disease.  

5.      Reported to have a calming effect on nerves, spasms, and breathing problems.  

Reports of beneficial results from using Red Clover include":
Acne, Aids, anti-cancer, bladder problems, blood cleanser & purifier, boils, bronchitis, liver congetion, nervous conditons, psoriasis, skin disorders spasms, toxins, tumors and whooping cough.

If you are considering using herbs for cancer, I recommend contacting a Master Herbalist.  This person would have extensive knowledge of how much to use as well as how and how often. 



When the "pipes" don't work, one of the best and tastiest ways I've found to relieve the problem is to eat PUMPKIN.  Just make it up like a pudding using the recipe on the side of the can (Libby's), you don't need a crust, just bake it in a glass dish.  You don't need to do the first 15 minutes at 425 degrees because that is for the crust to brown.  Bake it, eat it, 1/2 cup a day until the problem goes away, then cut back to 2 or 3 times a week, if you can keep it that low.  I love pumpkin and my Mom loves what it does for her.  She is 95 and hates laxatives.  Another effective "pipe cleaner" is home made graham crackers.  The only bad part about these is that you probably will eat more than you should and may spend some time in the "little room."  Email me if you want the recipe.

FDA statement: "Herbal remedies have not been scientifically proven to heal or cure anything."  Reactions are possible to them just as to any other product.  At present there are no known precautions regarding Plantain.  With any new product always watch for reactions, especially the good ones, like plantain seems to cause.


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